Azalea Gardens Retirement Village, Frail Care & Assisted Living in Pietermaritzburg - Azalea Gardens

Azalea Gardens in Pietermaritzburg is a distinguished retirement community designed for retired and frail people looking for long term mental, physical and spiritual security. The concept simply, is to create an environment where retired residents can have continuity of life style even if one's health needs change.

Your retired life should be centred around carefree, relaxed and secure living where heavier daily chores become the responsibility of our trained staff.

Azalea Gardens consists of 58 cottages with allocated garages or shade port parking facilities. These cottages are for Independent Living. However, should an emergency arise in the cottage, our nursing staff are available. Each cottage is equipped with x3 emergency bells.

Within the Village

There are naturally basic requirements which you as resident will expect:

  • Security - an electrified security fence and precast wall
  • 24 hour guarding and armed response
  • Entrance / exit guard officer
  • Burglar guarded units
  • Laundry facilities
  • Maintained gardens
  • Azalea Gardens have incorporated these not-so-obvious but necessary features:
  • Mobile library
  • Optional central dining facilities
  • Courtesy bus to Hayfields shopping centre every Wednesday
  • Courtesy bus to Southgate Shopping Centre and Nedbank Plaza alternative weeks
  • Various church services on the premises.
  • 24 hour guarding and armed response

Contact Info

Azalea Gardens Body Corporate

391 Alexandra Road


Telephone / WhatsApp:
066 021 2447

Frail Care / WhatsApp:
066 020 9400

Fax 2 email: 086 612 8537

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Reg.No: SS115/1987

VAT: 4510104054