Assisted Living Centre, Pietermaritzburg, Azalea Gardens

Our Assisted Living Facilities in Pietermaritzburg cater for residents and non-residents requiring supervision or assistance with normal daily activities, facilitation of health services by health care providers and the monitoring of the residents activities to ensure their well-being, health and safety.

Assistance includes the administration and supervision of medication and personal care services provided by our trained proferssional staff.

Our facility is especially suited to those where independent living is no longer appropriate and full-time medical care is not appropriate. Normally the Assisted Living facility is best suited to a person that is starting to require a little assistance and is generally in their late seventies or early eighties and has been living alone and is no longer coping with the requirements of daily life. They normally need some assistance in either mobilising or washing or with taking their daily medication. This person could live alone with the assistance of a carer which is exactly what our Assisted Living Facility provides.

Our assisted living philosophy is to provide care and services promoting independence and dignity.

The Frail Care Centre takes care of residents who may or may not be bedridden and who may or may not require constant supervision.

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