Frail Care Centre, Pietermaritzburg Azalea Gardens

Frail Care Centre, Pietermaritzburg

Our Frail Care Centre has been created in line with modern trends to give professional nursing care to Azalea Garden's residents. Our Frail Care Centre caters for residents and non residents who, because of health difficulties, require intimate constant nursing attention.

Assistance includes the administration and supervision of medication and personal care services provided by our trained professional staff.

Our Frail Care Centre in Pietermaritzburg takes care of a person requiring more nursing and attention. The Frail Care resident typically requires help with dressing, washing and toilet visits, which are managed in a dignified way by our professional staff.

Semi Frail Care

Our Frail Care facility has been set up to accommodate the resident, who is not quiet full frail, but is also not able to be in assisted living, either. They are in-between.

Respite Care

Our Frail Care facility is able to take care of you, should you need more care after minor surgeries or a fall.

Contact Info

Azalea Gardens Body Corporate

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Telephone / WhatsApp:
066 021 2447

Frail Care / WhatsApp:
066 020 9400

Fax 2 email: 086 612 8537

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Reg.No: SS115/1987

VAT: 4510104054